The world's greatest natural resource is the sun, and now it's charging your electric golf car.
SolarDrive supplies the products, which will make you benefit from this free gift of nature.
SolarDrive produces effective solar power solutions. SolarDrive is recognized for superior design and state of the art technology.



Your benefits with the SolarDrive S2E on Top

  • CO2 emission free charging and driving

  • Charge while driving and golfing

  • Increased running efficiency

  • Rental revenue improvement

  • Reduction in electricity charging costs

  • Continuous charging cycles lengthen battery life

  • Fits most golf cars and utility vehicles

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Easy installation

  • Easy transfer to your next golf car*

  • Carbon footprint neutral after one - three years depending on place of deployment**

* The S2E "SolarDrive on Top" will outlive your current golf car and can easily be transferred to your next.
** Mono or Poly SI solar cells can be expected to produce up to 10 times as much CO2 free energy as used during the production process. The resulting "pay back" time is affected by the place where the solar cells are put into action. Obviously in northern Sweden you won't have the same result as in Arizona.


SolarDrive Technical Specifications

Frame Type: Aluminium profiles
Cell Type: Mono- or Poly-Crystalline Silicium

Panel Cover Material:
Tempered glass

Cell Efficiency:
Max Power Pmax: 180 - 400 W
Voltage at Pmax: 17 V
Controller: MPPT, 36 or 48 V
Modularity: 2 - 4 or 6 seaters
Flexibility: Almost any car
Design (subjective): High tech
Weight: 30 kg (2 sections)
Warranty: Country variable

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