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Solar Powered Air-conditioning System for Vehicles (SAV)

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We are specialized in research and development cutting edge environmental friendly technologies which can be applied into daily use. Collaborating with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in development of new sustainable energy technologies, these technologies are tailor-made for the present market niche. With our vision to our anticipate the customers’ needs and dedicated to the customer’s success. Ultimate goal is to reduce the green house gas emission by transforming/replacing daily energy consuming systems to power by renewable energies. Our research and development team work closely with Professor Eric Cheng who specializes in electrical engineering, he and his fellow teams, consolidates the knowledge and skills of both commercial and research aspects has maximized our capabilities into exploration and realizing new technologies to improve our life. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park provides rich research and development stage for Green Power Industrial by providing cutting edge laboratory and development facilities to be used.

Solar Powered Air-conditioning System for Vehicles

SAV Prototype

The present project is an air-conditioning system designed to be installed in vehicle. The air-conditioning system derives power from solar cell and the electric power is used to drive the electric motor with compressor to produce the cooling. The solar cell is also installed with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for the battery charger. The system provides a new method of solar driven system together with the existing power system in a vehicle. Invention provides a method to work with the existing system based on retrofitting and without deteriorating the overall performance and affecting other components.

The conventional air-conditioning system for petrol/diesel vehicle is driven by the internal combustion engine (ICE). The dynamic control of the Vehicle Air-conditioning System (VAS) is usually not implemented because the speed control of the ICE to the VAS is not set up. Therefore the variable speed control to provide better efficiency of the VAS is not realized. The energy to drive the VAS is classically from the petrol which produces green house gases. Solar panel is also called photovoltaic panel, is now being used in many green products. One of the main applications is to use on mobility. The electric vehicle is one of the major applications. It is also being used in static power source such as installed in building or ground which the panel is to collect the solar power and convert to the electric power. The power can be used directly or stored in energy storage devices such as battery or super-capacitor.

Benefits from application of SAV to Vehicles:

  • Engine is not related directly to the air-conditioning system (Two units are decoupled)
  • Air-conditioning system can be functioning when engine is at still
  • Renewable energy used
  • Compressor and motor are controlled by the needs of air-conditioning (VSD used)
  • Cost saving from reduction in fuel consumption
  • Longer milage per fuel tank Emission reduction
  • Extend engine and air-conditioning compressor life expectancy
  • Encourage drivers to cut engines when vehicle is at still
  • Extend public life expectancy Counter Fuel price (the higher the fuel price the more value)


SAV is designed to integrate with vehicle’s air-conditioning with solar energy capabilities as one system for vehicle including: Truck, Lorry, Private Car, Buses and utility vehicles. The SAV system is based on the all-electric concept that is able to provide air-conditioning during the turn-off of the main engine of a vehicle The power is supplied from a battery or solar cell in order to ensure no-emission during the vehicle stands still or is in waiting.


In 2011 and 2012, we are honored to recevied local and international awards in recognition of our SAV technology and benefit which it brings to the public society.

Geneva Invention Gold Medal Award 2012 with Congratulations from Jury Gevena Gold Medal 2012
Hong Kong Award of Environmental Excellence 2011 - Certificate of Merit
HKAEE Certifcate of Merit
Geneva Invetion Silver Medal 2011 Geneva Silver Medal 2011
FIRI Award for The Best Invention Award 2011 FIRI Award for The Best Invention 2011


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