Solar Generation System

Solution Green Power Industrial offers different emerging conservation solutions, one of which is “Solar Generation System”. The concept of a solar generation system is to transform freely available sun light energy into electricity for our daily use or sell to the electricity grid.



Depending on the surrounding environment and application, different renewable energy solutions can be applied. The ranges of solution which we offer:

  • Building solar generation system
  • L.E.D lighting system for indoor/outdoor
  • Wind turbine generation system


Green Power Industrial offers end to end solution, from initial consutanting service to after-sales servicing. We offer a extensive fexlibility to our energy generation solution as a package based, we are able to custom make system design to suit the very need of the end-user to allowing the maximum efficiency of energy generation available.



Green Power Industrial offers customer end-to-end sustainable energy solutions, from manufacturing to after-sales services. Project Engagement life-cycle


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